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Since 1968, Aurora Traslochi is a moving company of Milan that offers with great experience, national and international removals. Thanks to expert staff, qualified organization and complete equipment, such as cranes and loading platforms, we are able to clear out houses, offices and premises used for every activity in quick time and in total security, to transport furniture and objects in new premises with the greatest care, providing for assembling, without stress for the clients. Not least, the competitive price for all.

Our services:

  • Removals
  • Equipment rental
  • Storage and conservation for furniture


Thanks to our machinery inventory composed of ladder trucks, cranes, loading platforms, we are able to carry out removals in difficult situations too. The transport of furniture, covered by insurance, takes place in total security: Aurora Traslochi's vans inside is completely upholstered with shock absorbent material, opportune and suitable to avoid damages to the objects. Every team always composed of expert staff, has within a technical supervisor to solve every unexpected events. In addition we supply an assembling and disassembling service for furniture and also storage and conservation of them in personal storehouses in total security.

Equipment rental

Aurora Traslochi rents own equipment to other companies in moving sector and construction industry. Ladder trucks, loading platforms to lift goods and furniture, to various heights, cranes with driver and vans; all the equipment is efficient and naturally under current regulations.

Storage and conservation for furniture

We can supply a storage, warehousing and conservation for furniture and goods in personal warehouses of several size protected by environmental conditions and with security services suitable to safeguard the warehouse from breaking and entering.

Private Clients

A removal is a delicate moment in family or person life and it has to be arranged carefully to reduce the most possible stress and unexpected events. For this reason it's better to trust in expert agency like Aurora Traslochi. Everything with professional staff, an efficient work organization and suitable equipment. For removal, we use modern tools, professional packaging and qualified staff for assembling and disassembling. We also can supply the temporary storage in our warehouses for your furniture and goods.

Business clients

The removal for a company or an office requests planning and a specific experience. Aurora Traslochi is able to carry it out quickly and with greatest interest. A carefully organised removal, speeding the procedures up, permits to reduce the work break. Our delegate will plan it in detail with the company supervisor, to establish the specific necessity and the timetable. The removal, protected from a complete insurance, includes all operations for loading and unloading, the presence of specialized staff for assembling and disassembling, the use of vans and modern equipment.

You can contact us by the telephone for a free estimate and our delegate will come to make an inspection to create a personalized proposal with the best characteristics for your requirements.


Call +39 02 4231874 to agree on an inspection to create a personalized proposal with the best characteristics for your requirements.